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“We have not inherited this earth from our parents – we have merely borrowed it from our children, and we have a responsibility to return it to them in the same condition as we received it.” An old Native American saying

The Company

Solavero Energy solar powered lighting systems use high efficiency lights dedicated optics to efficiently illuminate the areas that need lighting, but do not “spill” lighting into areas that should remain dark. The broad spectrum character of the light provides exceptional visual acuity, while the advanced optics offers un-paralleled uniformity.

As a result, the Solavero system is able to deliver professional lighting characteristics using a fraction of the lumens, and therefore energy consumed, of other light sources.

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Latest Web Site Updates

SOLAR Power Plants Oct 5 2010

Solar renewable energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, has been harnessed by humans since anci...

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GAS Turbine Power Plants Oct 5 2010

The turbines are fueled either with natural gas, syngas or fuel oil. While more efficient and faster...

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LVD Light Mar 12 2010

Saving 50% to 90%. compare with incandescent, long life, Can instantly start & good color...

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Hybrid LED Street Lights Dec 17 2009

Aeolus "the God of winds" Series Wind Turbines are designed to run in all environments suc...

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